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I'm Kupla (real name Lauri Achté). I was born in 1988 in Helsinki, Finland. I lived in London UK between 2013-2020, where I finished my MA in Sound Arts. Based in Helsinki again since 2020 with my wife and son.


I started playing the piano in 1995 when I was a kid, and studied classical music and jazz. My cousin introduced me to music production a few years later. "Kupla" first came to life in 2012 as a project to create music just for myself. Over the years the project grew, and the current sound developed.

Been working on music full time since 2017. Have done several album self-releases, albums and EPs with various labels as well as music and sound design for theater and dance. As an avid gamer, I'd love to compose for games too.  If you have a project in the works where you feel my music would be fitting, don't hesitate to contact! Love all things music, arts and sound.

Notable labels and clients:

Lofi Girl / Riot Games / Disney / Chillhop Music / United Common Records / Blunt Shelter Records / Aruarian Music / Hip Dozer / BLVNT Records / InchperSecond / Cosmonostro


Somewhere. Nowhere. (2023) / Lofi Records

Dimensions (2023) / Kuplasound

Mirage (2022) / Kuplasound

Melody Mountain (2021) / Lofi Records

Life Forms (2020) / Lofi Records

Kingdom in Blue (2020) / Lofi Records

Coniferous (2019) / Chillhop Music

Allure (2019) / Cookie Dough Records

Imaginary (2019) / Kuplasound

Memories (2018) / Kuplasound & _iamjsan

Owls and Pinecones (2018) / Kuplasound

All Natural (2018) / Kuplasound

Taiga Native (2017) / Chillhop Music

in.the.forest.we.are.wizards (2017) / Kuplasound

Gravy (2016) / BLVNT Records

Spring Beats (2015) / Kuplasound

Subarctic (2014) / Cosmonostro

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