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I'm Kupla (real name Lauri Achté). I was born and raised in Helsinki Finland. I lived in London UK between 2013-2020, where I finished my university studies. - Just recently moved back to Helsinki in 2020. :)


I started playing the piano when I was a kid and studied classical music and jazz. My cousin introduced me to music production a few years later. "Kupla" first came to life in 2012 as a project to create music just for myself. Over the years the project grew, and the current sound developed. I'm always eager to learn new instruments and techniques. An example of this is the clarinet I started learning in 2017 - you can hear it in a lot of my songs. Now my current mission is to learn the trumpet. :)

Notable labels / blogs: Chillhop Records, ChilledCow, United Common Records, Aruarian Music, Hip Dozer, BLVNT Records, InchperSecond, Cosmonostro

Active Collectives: Dream Easy Collective, Complex Channel Collective

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